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Melanie Cavey
MC Guiding

‘The more you dig, the more you find’ …


… from prehistoric sites to impressive 18th and 19th century farms, from cliffs to golden beaches – Jersey has so much to offer. Over the centuries islanders have faced numerous challenges and have had to be resilient and adapt to the changing world around them.


Jersey born and bred and with family connections in Normandy I am fascinated by the way in which the people of this small island of just 9 x 5 miles have faced those challenges and how the Island is now recognised internationally.


I believe that we can appreciate our surroundings so much more, if we can look at them knowing a little about the history. Suddenly places, buildings and people’s names come alive and have more meaning.


So when guiding I love ‘Bringing Jersey Alive’ by sharing my love of the Island and my passion for its history and environment with you.

My Walks

  • Public walks (details see below) take place on a regular basis and booking is required to be guaranteed a place.

  • The walks are publicised with dates and times on:
    –  the Jersey Tourist Guides website calendar
    –  Eventbrite: search MC Guiding (and add the name of the tour)
    –  the website of Visit Jersey


  • The walks can be booked:
    -  through Eventbrite

- or by contacting Melanie at   or  +44 (0)7797 966303


• Private tailor-made walks can be arranged. Please contact me at   or  +44 (0)7797 966303




St Helier Town Walks


St Helier’s streets are full of history! On my walks through the central parts of St Helier we look at how the town grew from a medieval settlement into a modern commercial centre. You will hear stories of the amazing achievements of many historic figures such as the five times constable Pierre Le Sueur. They initiated key developments in the town and we see buildings that still stand as testaments to their work.

Route A: Around the Royal Square area including Queen Street and New Street.

Time/Distance: 1hr30mins / 1–1.5 miles


Route B: Around the Royal Square area, to the Town Hall, the Parade Gardens, through People’s Park to the Esplanade.
Time/Distance: 1hr45mins / 1.5–2 miles


Route C: Around Snowhill, Colomberie, La Motte Street & NewStreet to the Town Hall.
Time/Distance: 1hr45mins / 1.5 miles



From a coast of sand dunes to one full of warehouses and hotels. From a rocky, weather beaten foreshore to an ever-expanding port – the seaward side of St Helier has many stories to tell. Between the late 1700’s and the early 1900’s Jersey faced and dealt with the problems of land shortage, immigration and employment. Just as the island faces the same challenges today. During this walk you will begin to picture the revolutionary impact of the new harbour basins, a train line and fashionable hotels on both the town and island life in general.


Start point:  Trenton Square (by the Castle Street traffic lights).

Bus stop: Liberation Square (200 yards from start point)
Finish point:  Maritime Museum at the harbour.

Time/Distance: 1hr45 mins / 1.5 miles


Starting at Snowhill the route takes a short cut over Mount Bingham to Havre des Pas and north to Howard Davis Park. During the 19th century the building of new military defences and a thriving ship building industry along Havre des Pas totally transformed the previously rural hinterland of the rocky coast. By the end of the century the creation of the La Colette Gardens and the genteel seafront became a major attraction for tourists and locals alike. The walk ends with a visit to the beautiful Howard Davis Park – a wonderful green space on the edge of St Helier. During the summer months why not have a tea or coffee in the park’s walled in garden café?


Start point:  Snowhill (end of Queen Street) by Les Jongleurs statue

Finish point: Howard Davis Park (end of Colomberie, 8–10 minutes walk to Snowhill)

Time/Distance: 1hr45mins / 1.5 miles

Please note this walk is not suitable for wheelchair users or those with mobility issues.



Along Gorey Harbour and the Esplanade


In 1815 Gorey harbour was in a dilapidated state. Yet within 60 years the whole area got transformed into a busy commercial hub with thriving trades, a train service and a booming tourism industry. But then there was a darker side of Gorey's history during the German Occupation of WW2 when life became very different. During this easy walk we look at these significant changes and hear of intriguing stories such as the 'Battle of the Oyster Shell'.

Start point: Bus shelter at Gorey harbour.
Finish: Longbeach carpark
Bus routes: Number 1 (frequent), 1A & 2
Time / Distance: 1hr30mins / 1.5 miles



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Tel: +44 (0)7797 966303

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