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Derek Hairon

The experiences of my youth in Jersey – going fishing and exploring the coast with my pals – has influenced my life. On my mother’s side the family has old rural roots in Jersey and Sark, whilst my father’s family, originally coming from France, has lived in Jersey for over 100 years. Always interested in history as well as the outdoors, I founded Jersey Kayak and Jersey Walk Adventures. Both companies enable you to experience Jersey’s fantastic marine environment on foot and by kayak with a local guide.

We run kayaking trips from locations island-wide, explore caves, cliffs and observe marine life, so no trip is ever the same.

Or join me on an intertidal walk on the seabed. Enter a world where the ocean disappears to the horizon, and we are all visitors. Explore rock pools, cross sand bars and gullies. Revel in a place that's covered twice a day by some of the highest tides in the world. Here marine life must survive the extremes of the daily rhythms of the ocean, and the distinction between land and sea is blurred.

I’m the author of the Channel Islands Sea Kayaking Guidebook and regularly write for sea kayak magazines.

Jersey’s wonderful marine and coastal environment is my shop front and my business is nationally recognized for its positive environmental impact by achieving the Green Tourism business scheme Gold standard, EcoActive Jersey Leader and Jersey Business Environment award.

We are Carbon Neutral. As part of our environmental commitment, we are reducing our carbon footprint. We reduced our carbon footprint by almost 50% by buying an electric van, switching from gas to electric heating and doing more recycling. Plus, we regularly undertake beach cleans on our kayak tours.

We offer an eco-discount, if you arrive by bus, bicycle or on foot to encourage customers to use greener alternatives. We offset our carbon by supporting the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust Rewild Carbon initiative. Rewild Carbon invests directly in reforestation and has an integrated management scheme to support endangered creatures and local communities.

Welcome to Coastal Adventures:

•    Sea kayak tours/courses suitable for all ages and abilities. All equipment is supplied.


•    British Canoeing and Adventuremark approved centre.

•    Wild Life Safe (WiSe) trained guide.

•    Walks on the seabed in the internationally recognized Ramsar Wetlands sites.

•    Low water and seashore foraging.

•    Marine life explorations.

•    Coastal walks.

•    Overnight stays in Seymour Tower and La Rocco Tower (accredited by Jersey Heritage).

•   Extensive marine experience working with TV, radio and media crews e.g. BBC Coast,
     Countryfile, NDR TV (Norddeutscher Rundfunk, Germany).

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 Let's connect.

Tel:  +44 (0)1534 853138

Mobile: +44 (0)7797 853033



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